Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm gonna dust a little flour on my face...

So do y'all remember that Rice Krispie Treat commercial from a few (okay, maybe 10??) years back where the mom hides from her family in the kitchen, claiming to be SLAVING over making Rice Krispie Treats, but really relaxing with a romance novel? She throws a little flour on her face and pretends to be exhausted as she presents the pan of treats to her waiting family?

That's so me right now... my husband got a new Blackberry Curve this weekend- an upgrade from his Palm Treo. Since he is not patient enough to deal with technological issues, it has fallen on me to get his email accounts switched over to the new phone. I also need to get the contacts, including addresses, from the old phone to the new. I know this seems like it should not be too difficult, but we are Mac users and it seems that Blackberry is not feeling the Mac love since they don't even have desktop software for us. No worries though- I found work arounds for everything using the Swagbuck search, of course! Both of my missions have been accomplished, though making sure that the emails he sends reflect the correct email accounts was a bit of a challenge.

Since I am in here, allegedly slaving away over his phone project, he is wrangling the baby boy right now. I'm wondering just how long I can milk this whole thing and hang out in his office? Long enough to get caught up on all my bloggy reading? Long enough to write and schedule some posts for this week? Long enough to climb out the window and make a mad dash to Target??? ;-)


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