Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WFMW- The Bruiser Edition

My son went to bed tonight looking like a prize fighter. He tripped over Mr. Potato Head's hat this morning and scraped his forehead. Tonight in his bath, he insisted on standing up, slipped and somehow hit his cheek on the side of the bathtub. My husband kindly informed me that this is where they cut prize fighters when they get hit there because the area is prone to swelling. I kindly informed my husband that under no circumstances would we be cutting my son, thank you. With tile floors throughout and a little guy who's just finding his feet, we have a lot of bumps and bruises around here.

This WFMW comes straight from my grandma. Trying to hold ice on a little wiggle worm is next to impossible. She recommended getting some frozen fruit juice pops so when the little man fell and hit his lip or mouth, we could just give him a Popsicle. This allows us to apply ice to the injury without having to hog tie him and inflict all kinds of mental anguish. You could even make your own juice ice with ice cube trays. Works like a charm! 

Here's the second part to this WFMW- I need a homemade ice pack that's flexible and works for a little head. When I try to use ice cubes in a bag, it seems like the cubes are just too big and don't really get the cold where it's needed. I've seen the Peas Ice Packs at CVS and might just go ahead and get a few, but are there any other solutions out there? Let me know in comments!

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  1. At my daughter's daycare they have "Owie Ice". It's usually those little frozen packs that come in shapes like fruit. That way it's a special thing to get Owie Ice and the kids will hold it on themselves. Plain ice cubes are too boring for kids!

  2. Thanks Jessica! Not sure if this is what they use exactly- but found this in a swagsbuck search- Very Cute! Will have to think about those...

  3. This may sound strange, but I swear by Castor Oil. Not to drink, but to rub on the "owie". The oil feels good, doesn't sting and the Best thing is that NO Bruising! There is no logical reason for this to work, but it does!

  4. We use a mint headache pack... I used to get wicked migraines and made a little muslin bag stuffed with mint, lavender, and... I think it's rice. :) We keep it in the freezer - it's cold enough to help, without the "ouch" of an ice pack, and it's flexible enough to actually be in contact with a whole side of a head! ;)