Friday, June 12, 2009

The Outcome of the BIG Interview

After worrying and wondering and being all conflicted, the interview was a bust. When I got there, the interviewer was finishing up with another candidate and a lot of the employees were leaving for the day. A 6 pm interview worked well for my schedule, but it might not have been the best time of day to interview. It seemed like the interviewer was more interested in getting out of the office than really seeing what I was all about. I got the sense that either they already had another candidate that they liked better or he already really liked me and didn't need to hear much from me to know that he wanted to make me an offer.

It does not really matter because I don't think that I would really want the job. It's outside sales, which is fine, but the money is not great, nor are the hours. I know that if I wanted to take a job, it would mean finding suitable child care and going to battle with my husband. If I am going to go through that, the position and the pay would have to be pretty compelling.

The good part about the whole experience, though, was that I got to shower all by myself! I didn't have to rush or worry that anyone was crying or waiting for me. It was wonderful! I got to blow dry my hair and put on makeup! I wore a suit and fantastic shoes!

I wish that I would have planned things in order to make better use of my time after the nanny got there but before I had to leave the house. I got showered and dressed, got dinner ready for everyone since I would be gone during dinner time, and left just as my husband was walking in. By this point, I only had about 45 extra minutes or so, not really enough time to do much. I stopped by McDonalds for a Diet Coke- huge treat- since I am still nursing, I try to limit my caffeine intake to one cup of coffee per morning, but this was a special occasion and I needed the kick! I drove almost all the way to the interview, then stopped at a Dollar Tree and Marshalls. I heard that the Dollar Tree had some swim diapers and $1 is a much better deal than the $15 I paid on eBay. This particular store had none, unfortunately. Marshalls had nothing that I needed either, thought there was an adorable pair of black patent leather mary janes with a great round toe for only $10!!!! With my recent shopping transgressions, I resisted and ultimately left with nothing. Too bad the shopping was more interesting than the actual interview.

All in all, it was a great experience- I proved to myself that my brain has not entirely rotted away. If and when I need to, assisted by a Diet Coke, I can discuss my career and skill set in a professional manner. I can be something other than a mom if I want to be, and for now, I think that's enough. It also proved just how rejuvenating a few hours away from the house and baby can be. I am going to try to make sure that I have that time to myself at least every other week going forward. I don't have to go have an expensive spa treatment or anything, but I do need that time to myself. Committing to that feels very indulgent to me, but I'm going with it. I truly think that it will make me a better mom and wife in the long run.

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  1. Yes! It's important to take time for yourself! Good idea...