Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Badger!

Meet Badger. Our first baby who has, unfortunately, taken a back seat to the new baby. Today is his birthday. This fact was brought to my attention about 4 pm today by my wonderful husband, who still knows the date. I have to concentrate to remember the day of the week!

Badger is 6 today. We went for a lovely Birthday Walk together, just him and me. It was nice. He is a greyhound, rescued. I've had him since he was almost 2. I got him as a foster dog on Mother's Day and had him even since, except for about 3 weeks when he was adopted by another family, but returned. I never thought that I would get to keep him since my husband, who was just my boyfriend at the time, was not a dog person. But then, my then boyfriend, now husband, offered to pay Badger's adoption fee for me for Christmas. I decided then that both the man and the dog were keepers and here we are, nearly three years and a baby later!

Happy Birthday Mr. Badger. I promise to put it on the calendar for next year! I love you buddy!

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