Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letting Go...

This is the post that I read first thing this morning. (HUGE thanks to Missy at It's Almost Naptime for her Wednesday Link Love, among other things!) So this is the post that I read almost first thing this morning, after walking by my dirty dishes multiplying in the sink and clean towels in the basket waiting to be folded. It brought tears to my eyes. This made me remember why I blog and why I read blogs. And after reading this, I closed my computer and played with my precious little boy, who is not always going to be little and willing to giggle at his goofy mama. Did this blog post somehow transform our day into perfection with birds singing outside? Nope, but it reminded me to appreciate every minute of this opportunity to be with my son because someday, I will regret not spending the time with him. And someday, I might HAVE to go back to work and I won't get to spend all day with him, playing and laughing. I don't think that I'll ever regret leaving the dirty dishes and a towel does not have to be folded to dry off your behind! ;-) So go read the post already. Really.

And along the same theme, since I require beatings over the head to get a point, Tips for surviving (and thriving!) in the baby/toddler phase. This post is more practical than the one above, but it's really been resonating with me since I read it yesterday. "Accept that you can't do it all." WOW. Simple, but true. For Jennifer and her husband, keeping the kitchen dishes clean is important, but letting the clean laundry pile up is okay. Great way to look at housework... what's the priority? Where do I need to focus my energy today?

So today was about letting go of the millions of small things that distract me from the little man. Letting go of the dishes, letting go of the idea that I have to be this super woman who takes care of the child, cleans the house and cooks the meals. And in letting go, I'm able to accomplish so much more.

By the way, this post is not really where I want it to be, but it's late and I want to go watch Burn Notice with my wonderful husband who still doesn't understand this whole blog thing. So I'm going to just post it and let go of the idea that it needs to be more perfect. Hopefully you'll get some of what I am trying to say.

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  1. Great post! Keep playing with that little man of yours :)