Friday, May 15, 2009

Struggling to find my Footing

One of the posts that I've intended to write on this site is developing a solid routine to add structure to your day as a SAHM and make sure that the various tasks around the house get accomplished, the child gets fed and you keep your sanity. It seems recently that I am the least qualified person to write anything about routine or structure of getting things accomplished. I have so many goals and ideas for this blog and zero time to accomplish them. Since family left on Monday, I've really been struggling to get the boy back into a good napping routine. He is not taking an afternoon nap at all these days and is also waking up 2+ times per night. This is the child that I woke up to feed at 2 months because he was sleeping through the night and I was concerned that he would be hungry! I don't know how to deal with a baby that's up at 4 am wanting to play! My house is a wreck, I'm not sticking to my menu plan and it's after noon here and I'm not showered. I need a reset button! Any ideas? Recommendations? I'm all ears!!

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