Saturday, May 23, 2009

I saved almost $100 at Publix today!!!!!

I just got back from the weekly trip to Publix. I knew that it was going to be a good week savings wise with the Kraft Products BOGO plus the printable coupons they've had out there. I had no idea just *HOW* good it was going to be. Normally, I save anywhere from 45- 55 % on any given week. I always follow Sarah's matchups and do fairly well. Today, though, the stars just aligned and I ended up saving $94.63 and spending $46.37. That's 67% savings!

Here are a few of my favorite deals:
  • Denta Styx- BOGO at $3.59- I had $2.50 off coupons that I printed a while ago- not sure how long, but with $5 off, this was a money maker! And the poor, neglected dog got some treats too! :-)
  • A1 Sauce- BOGO at $3.99- I had coupons from last week's circular- $2 off, so I got 2 bottles of A.1. FREE!
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce- BOGO at $1.49- used the Kraft $1 off printables, and this was a money maker too! I could have printed twice from and twice from the Kraft site, but I didn't.
  • Chicken Thighs at $0.99 per lb. I used to be a boneless- skinless chicken breast snob, but I've come to love the chicken thighs. They end up more moist in certain recipes and are PERFECT for the crock pot. I just skin them before I cook them and pull the bones out after they're done.
And my favorite deal of all- there is a coupon in the Publix circular- buy any three Kellogg's cereals (some on sale for $1.99 each) and get a free gallon of Publix milk. I still had some of the $1 off coupons that were out a few weeks ago, so I got a box of Rice Krispies, two boxes of Corn Pops and a gallon of milk for $3! Milk alone is normally $2.89 and I would have bought it anyway! Even if you didn't have coupons, $6 for three boxes of cereal and the milk is not a bad deal.

BTW- I have thirteen boxes (yes, 13) of cereal in my pantry right now. Maybe more... I need them to quit having these deals on cereal. My husband thinks I'm nuts and he might be right... Then again, one box = three servings for him, so maybe HE'S the one who is nuts! I will use the Rice Krispies to make Rice Krispie Treats, maybe with peanut butter and if we don't eat the other cereals, I will start donating them.

Finally, I needed diapers. With all of my planning and saving and looking for good deals, I needed to go buy diapers! Tyler went through size 2 so fast, I thought he'd go through size 3 just as quickly, so I started stockpiling size 4. We're out of size 3 and the 4s just are a bit too large. Luckily, Publix sent me a coupon through their Baby Club program for $5 off Pampers. I stacked this with a $1.50 manufacturer's coupon and got 76 diapers for $13.50, or about $0.17 each. This is a pretty good price- I usually pay about $0.20 each.


  1. has rebate for jumbo packs of Huggies.

  2. Thanks Abigail's Mommy! I am ALL OVER that rebate offer!