Friday, May 8, 2009

Paying it forward

Although I recently lost my job and we are now trying to make things work on one income, I know that I am still so fortunate and blessed to have a healthy family, a roof over my head and food on our table. The are are SO many people who cannot say that in this economy. Tomorrow, we all have an opportunity to pay it forward...

Tomorrow, letter carriers all over the nation will collect bags of non-perishable food items and deliver them to local food banks. I love that this is a national campaign with people all over the country working together to help end hunger right in our own back yards. Full details on the project are here, but it's really very simple- leave non-perishable foods outside tomorrow, near your mailbox for your letter carrier. They are suggesting items like canned soup, pasta, cereal and juices. They are requesting no expired food or glass containers.

Using coupons and matching coupons to store deals helps me feed my family for less. Now, I'm proud to use my "skills" to help feed someone else's family too. I hope that you'll join me and donate tomorrow too! Have a great weekend!

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