Friday, May 15, 2009

Have you tried yet? Here's the deal- you pay $10 for a dining certificate worth $25. There are some restrictions on how these can be used- check out the fine print, but overall, it's a great way to save some cash in today's tight economy.

Right now, is sweetening the deal. Using promo code "TASTY" at checkout allows you to get the $25 certificates for just $3. Yep, you read that right- pay $3 for a certificate worth $25 at listed restaurants. It's a perfect time to try out this great money saving site!

Just a tip- the restaurants specify a certain number of certificates to be sold. They generally reset at the beginning of the month. If your preferred restaurant is sold out, you can use the above promo code to buy a gift certificate, then cash in that certificate at the beginning of the month when the certificates reset, but the promo code has expired. I did this for my husband for Christmas and got $75 worth of certificates for $9! Of course, we have a young child and don't actually get to go out to eat, but that's another story!!!

Thanks to Sarah at Fiddledeedee for the promo code. She ROCKS! :-)

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