Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was published on Parent Hacks!

Check out Parent Hacks tips today- Jaimie??? That's ME!!!! WOO HOO!  I sent in that tip forever ago and kind of forgot about it. And then I got an email today saying that it was up. How exciting! How's that for validation for a stay at home mommy! I'm so thrilled- thanks Parent Hacks! (Although is it just me or did they knock me for feeding my kid trans-fat loaded Ritz crackers???? Maybe I'm reading too much into it...)

So here's my super secret Parent Hack for the day... I read this in a book at the library and thought it was a little silly, but it was cheap and easy so I decided to try it... Get clothes pins. The really old an ones like these with no springs would be great- less pieces to break off and go into little mouthes. I got the wooden ones with the spring in them at Target for less than $2 and we have more than enough clothes pins for a long time of play. Anyway, once you have your clothes pins, get a container- the book recommended an empty 2 liter soda container. I used an old rubbermaid 2 quart jug that we had on hand. Show your child how to fit the clothes pins through the small opening and then let them go to town. I know it sounds silly, but my 16 month old was fascinated by the way the clothes pins plunked to the bottom. We got more advanced and started counting the clothes pins too... a little beyond him, but keeps ME more entertained. Seriously, this kept him entertained longer than some of the Christmas toys he got. Try it- I bet your kid will like it too! :-)

In other news, when I finally come to terms with this whole, "I will be working nights," thing, my child doesn't nap and I'm asleep in the chair watching TV about 8 pm... does not bode well, but I am forging on! More on that in a future post... maybe.... thanks for reading. Good night!


  1. We eat trans-fat loaded Ritz crackers, too. They're good. I would try that tip but I don't have any of those bottles. We used mostly Medela. The clothespin idea sounds good too!

  2. Thanks Jenny! That makes me feel better... I think that I got that first Playtex bottle for free in the mail and then the woman who kept our baby really liked those bottles, so we got a few more. Thanks for reading Jenny!