Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Lost Update Tidbits...

Okay, so a few more updates that I forgot with the original update post.

I won a $25 Starbucks gift card with the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program! WOO HOO! My in-laws were nice enough to buy diapers and wipes for us to use while we were there, which meant that we didn't have to worry about fitting them in the suitcase. I entered one of the codes that was on the package of wipes, then decided to play just one instant win game. And then I instantly won! WOO HOO! If you need codes for points, check out Cha-Ching on a Shoestring for a great head start. (I will attempt to reign in my excessive use of exclamation points in future posts, but no promises! Especially where FREE!!!!! coffee is concerned!!!!!!)

Speaking of diapers, did you order your diaper sample from WalMart yet? Go here and you can request a sample of size 4 or 5 Pampers Extra Protection. It looks like they are marketing these as nighttime diapers. (via CFO and Cha-Ching on a Shoestring) Don't forget this tip from Parent Hacks about beefing up daytime diapers, if you run into a problem. I also just learned that you can dab some vaporub on a panty liner and stick it in your kid's crib in order to ease night time congestion. Actual complete directions here. Gotta love the blogosphere!

I made an ABC Wrap (Asian Style Baby Carrier) or Mei Tai baby carrier to take on our trip with us. HIGHLY recommend it! I have NO idea why I didn't have one of these when my child was smaller, actually LIKED to be carried and didn't weigh as much as a baby elephant. You can find the directions to make your own at It's seriously easy- buy a piece of fleece at the fabric store, bring it home, make a few cuts and instant baby carrier! The cost is great too- about $10 AND I had enough fabric left over to make a sleeve for my laptop. I found the directions as well as a helpful diagram at Hobo Mama. If you have more money than crafty skills, you can buy your own wrap at Kozy Carrier. I would actually LOVE to buy one of these- they come in great colors and styles. Maybe for the next baby. They also have great (and FREE) demonstrations of how to use this type of baby carrier. I would love to try carrying our baby on our back, but we haven't gotten there yet. The carrier was great for the airport, when I couldn't have baby T in the stroller. It was also used at the train station when I could not put him down for fear of him running off the platform. I also had weird morbid thoughts of the plane crashing and being able to carry my baby hands free while evacuating the plane. Gotta love the way my crazy mind works.

Speaking of the plane, I was a little annoyed when flight attendants came by after the little safety demonstration and mentioned specifically to me, with the baby, that I needed to place my own oxygen mask over my face before attempting to assist him with his. Really, I mean, who doesn't know that at this point??? Then I realized that if something were to happen, there is no way in hell that I'd worry about my own stinking mask if my baby couldn't breath. I know that makes no sense, I know that if I pass out in the process of getting his mask on, we're both in trouble, but every day, EVERY DAY, his mask gets put on before I worry about mine. I make something for him to eat and feed him. I eat whatever he doesn't and maybe something else that I throw together before he moves onto the next thing. I get him dressed and then take two minutes to throw some horrible sweat pant/ tee shirt combination on before he starts pulling down all the clothes in the bedroom closet. It might be time to listen to the flight attendant...

That's all I've got. I hope to see you all back here soon- no more going a month without posting!


  1. Hey, look, my name! Snap. I love me that mei tai carrier. I just bought a bunch of fleece to make some up as baby shower gifts. I'm going to be hosting a giveaway of one on my blog soon, with props to WearYourBaby, of course. I actually just went back to JoAnn's today to buy new sewing scissors, because the only ones I could find after our recent move were dull paper scissors, and they were chewing the fleece rather than cutting it. Ugh. But, anyway...tangent alert. I figured if I offered one for a giveaway, then some lucky soul won't need to even (a) buy fleece and (b) find sharp scissors. So very easy!

    The flight attendant on our last flight did that same thing of cautioning us specifically about the oxygen masks. I thought it was a little creepy, like so often do they have parents passing out over their kids' oxygen-masked bodies that they felt a special need to warn each parent from now on. Or like maybe I looked like an especially self-sacrificing mother who would try to Be Good at all risk to her own safety. But you're totally right -- it goes against every screaming instinct to put your own mask on first. Every one.

  2. I should have put this in the post, but I actually used a rotary cutter (like a pizza cutter for fabric) to cut my fleece. I used a plastic Ikea cutting board as a guide and lined the table with a cardboard box- it worked really well and I highly recommend it! Happy crafting!