Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WFMW- Watering Hanging Plants

Oooh!!!! I have a WFMW tip!!!! That actually WORKS!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Last week, I was determined to morph myself into a mom who can grow stuff, so I bought a basil plant for my kitchen and a tomato plant for outside. A spider nearly derailed my plans, but I persevered, overcame, rose above and got that tomato planted! I also added a pepper plant for good measure.

The basil is hanging in my kitchen right in front of my face, where hopefully I can't forget to water it and turn it into an amazing dried vestige of its former self. So there I was, dutifully watering my baby basil when my husband pointed out that there was a hole in the bottom of the pot. I knew that- I put it there for drainage, and I was prepared to put a small bucket under the pot to catch the run off. We did that, and it worked fine, but a few days later I was dumping a cup into the sink. A cup with ice cubes... and then a light bulb went off... if I just threw a couple of ice cubes into the plant each day, they would melt slowly, watering the plant without causing all that run off through the bottom of the pot. So that's what I did. I now throw a couple of cubes to the basil each night. The soil is moist but I've yet to have any water run out of the bottom of the pot. That works for me!

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